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Job Title  Technical staff
Workplace  Danyang
Salary  Negotiable Release date  2017/11/25
Vacancy  1 persons Expiration date  180 days
Specific requirements

Responsible for the conversion of production drawings, process documents (assembly process, off-line crimp tables, punch cards, material tables, pre-installed process) preparation, production and processing of various technical problems.
Job content:
1. Based on the product assembly drawings provided by the customer, convert them to company production drawings;
2. According to the customer's product assembly drawings, preparation of off-line tables, sub-cards, materials and other technical documents, and the release of relevant departments;
3. According to the notice of change of technical documents issued by the product engineer, change the technical documents in time and release them to the relevant departments;
4. Responsible for solving the various process problems occurred in the production site of the company, and follow-up of the prototype line trial.

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