Enterprise Vision:Innovation, Continued Growth, Striving to Build a World-class New-type Headlight "Su Hong" Brand!

Business philosophy:professional technology, innovative services, starting from the needs of customers, beyond the expectations of customers, to achieve common values.

Entrepreneurial spirit:Houde, diligence, integrity and innovation.

Talent concept:We are committed to training learning staff, creating innovative enterprises, so as to achieve mutual win-win platform.


Cultural Essence

knowledge,culvert capacity,keen,innovation,diligent,self-discipline,cooperation,dedication


"Knowledge, Culitry":It refers to the wisdom of the team continue to gather knowledge and crystallization, continue to export innovative achievements in order to
learn from all corners of the sea and open and accommodating career attitude to "bee" style of wisdom and professionalism, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises;

"Sharp and Innovative" means that in the period of strategic transformation, it grasps market opportunities, controls high-end technologies,
innovates and leads development, and achieves breakthroughs in new fields.

"Diligence, self-discipline, collaboration and dedication" refers to the wisdom, "Bee" type of diligence, dedication, teamwork and efficient spirit,
give full play to the creativity and potential of staff to achieve people-oriented sustainable development.



Corporate values

Respect for Nature, Awe for the Truth! Homeopathic, virtuous world!

Business development concept

Active development, optimize resources, continuous innovation, sustainable development!

Business competition concept

Innovative standards, beyond the competition, the biggest competitors are themselves.

Market-oriented, a thorough understanding of the law of market competition, and take the initiative to adapt to market conditions, changes in the competitive landscape.

Customer-focused, faster than competitors, better meet customer expectations, to create competitive advantage.

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